Whether as a business woman, community leader, or single mom, Helen Quan is known for her tenacity and her ability to connect with people.

Helen immigrated to Canada from Taiwan when she was in high school. She helped her family start a successful restaurant business in Montreal. Already fluent in Taiwanese, Mandarin and Cantonese, Helen became fluent in English and some basic French. 

Helen later moved to Vancouver and has been an active community leader across the region ever since.  Throughout this journey, Helen has learned that the keys to community development are outreach, engagement, and participation.

Being a single mother was not easy, but Helen’s positive outlook and entrepreneurial spirit never wavered, and she was determined to build a better life for her two sons and her community.

Understanding the challenges facing immigrants, Helen’s career centered on easing the challenges for newcomers, such as helping them to navigate the steps necessary when establishing businesses. Helen currently operates an education centre for high school students.

Helen has spearheaded fundraisers and increased public awareness for charitable and community organizations such as:  St. John’s Ambulance, RCMP Multi-Cultural Advisory Committee, Sister City Advisory Committee, Lions Club, and Scouts Canada.

An active community leader for over 26 years, Helen understands the challenges facing Vancouver-Kingsway.  Helen also recognizes the great potential in this community and its people.  Vancouver-Kingsway needs a Member of Parliament like Helen Quan.

不論是身為一位女性企業家、社區領導人還是單親媽媽, Helen Quan的韌性與能力是眾所皆知的。在高中求學期間,Helen隨家人從台灣移民至加拿大, 並協助家人在蒙特利爾經營一間成功的餐廳。除了精通台語、國語、粵語之外,也精通英語及基本法語。之後她移居溫哥華,並在大溫地區成為一位活躍的社區領導人。在這多年的社區服務中,因為Helen了解到參與社會服務、推廣社區活動與為社區發展奮鬥是提升社區的主要關鍵。身為一位單親媽媽, 她深知獨自撫養年幼孩子的不易與艱辛, 所以秉承著樂觀回饋社會的精神, 致力於為家庭和社區創造一個更好的生活環境。


為了提高公眾對於慈善和社區組織的認識, Helen這20幾年來參與了聖約翰救生隊,加拿大皇家騎警多文化咨詢委員會, 姐妹城市咨詢委員會, 獅子會和加拿大童子軍等若干公益組織。Helen曾多次獲得獎項,包括:

  • Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Award (Scouts Canada)
  • Medal for Good Service Award
  • Women of Distinction Ethel Tibbits Award
  • Judge Brian Stevenson Award
  • Lions International Melvin Jones Award


溫哥華京士威區需要一位像Helen Quan這樣值得信任又可靠的國會議員。